About us - Lea and Flemming Udbjorg


Flemming is a descendant from the two Norwegian families Wiik and Udbjorg.


My mother, Eva Margareth Udbjorg, is daughter of Pauline (Ollegaard) Wiik and Johannes Andersen Udbjorg.


I'm a Dane, with Norwegian roots. My mother went to Denmark just after WorldWar 2 and started her family here. Her total nearest family, sister, brother and parents went to Denmark some 10 years later and together with other members of the Wiik family we have grown into a Danish group of some 70 living persons.


I'm born november 20th. 1949 and has worked most of my life in the Insurance Business.


My wife Lea is full Dane born august 31st 1952. She also worked in the insurance business for years, but went into reflexology some years ago. Unfortunately she suffers from a bag injury and is now out of work..


We have two children, a daughter Korna born in 1970 and a son Sune born in 1978, and two granddaughters Line born in 2000 and Sofie born in 2004..


You can find our address etc. under Contact. We will like to hear from you, and having more than 5.200 persons in my database, I might be able to help you on some specific areas.