The Norwegian Families

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The Wiik family is in this site stated as the ancestors and descendants to Jens Andorsen Vik, born July 5th. 1852 on the farm Vik on Engeløya.


 The Lund family is the ancestors to Odine Augusta Pedersdatter, born May 5th. 1860 on the farm Lund on Lundøya.


Jens Andorsen Vik and Odine Pedersdatter was married in 1886 and had 9 children.





The Udbjorg family is the ancestors to Anders Olsen and Elen Nilsdatter, owners of the farm Udbjorg on Hadseloya, having 9 children.








Johannes Andersen Udbjorg, born July 2nd.1879, in 1923 married Pauline Ollegaard Wiik born May 7th. 1889 on the farm Vik. She was one of four daughters of Jens Andorsen Vik and Odine Pedersdatter.